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             Laser is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Lasers are devices that amplify light and produce consistent light beams that range from infrared to ultraviolet. There are many different types of lasers: solid-state, gas, semiconductor, liquid, and free electron lasers. .
             There is only one restriction on a laser and that is the human being. We have not yet found everything that a laser can do. Lasers have revolutionized many fields such as science research, manufacturing, communication, photography, medicine and military applications. In this report, I will provide proof that lasers were one of the greatest advancements in physics.
             Science Research.
             Lasers have transformed chemistry research. Scientists use lasers to study the structure of atoms and molecules. They also use them to determine how their properties change under different conditions. Scientists can make new compounds, break down elements, and remove impurities from compounds. .
             Manufacturers of large equipment, computer chips, plastics and cardboard have all seen the changes that lasers have brought to their different industries. .
             Manufactures of large equipment use lasers for precision drilling and cutting by vaporizing the unwanted material (ex. where the hole is). This technique is used for hard materials such as steel and diamonds. There is less waste by-products when using lasers because it vaporizes the material. This saves companies time and money because they do not have to shut down to clean up, retool the machine or to have tools sharpened. It has also made it safer for the workers because they can be in a separate room out of the danger. These lasers can do precision welding. It does not make the metal hot like a conventional acetylene torch therefore it does not weaken metal.
             Warehouses where plastic, cardboard and heavy fabrics are produced use lasers to cut quickly and accurately through the sheets of materials.

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