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The Laser Eye Surgery

            In the recent years, laser eye surgery has become an excellent alternative for many vision-impaired patients that consider this surgery as a great investment. But, some doctors do not recommended this surgery for patients with high myopia. Also, the cost of laser eye surgery is very important and is influenced by the competition in the industry. .
             In the first article, the author (Tim Zimmerman) talks about his experience as a patient of laser eye surgery. He does a lot of sailing and the impaired vision has always been a problem for him, because the glasses or contact lenses are uncomfortable and inconvenient while sailing. In the recent years medical technology has offered a great alternative for people like him, laser surgery. It uses a florescent beam to shave the cornea into a shape that better focuses light. Using local anesthesia the surgeon shaves a thin flap in the surface of your eye and peels the flap back to expose the cornea, which is reshaped with the excimer laser and the flap is folded back into place. The surgery takes about 15 minutes for both eyes and it doesn"t cost too much discomfort. Usually the patient can drive without glasses the next day. The surgery is not without risks but the most important, blindness, is virtually nonexistent. More than 1 million laser surgeries have been performed worldwide and none of them has resulted in blindness. The possibility of serious complications is extremely low, under 1 in 100. After the surgery, the author's vision improved from a moderately nearsighted to 20/20 vision in one eye and 20/15 in the other eye. Three months after his surgery he sailed the Round Ireland Race. From all of his sailing investments, he considers laser eye surgery one of the best.
             In the second article Dr. Moshirfar talks about the risks of laser eye surgery for patients with high myopia and flat corneas. For this of patients, he says, the Lasik surgery is not recommended.

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