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Cosmetic Surgery

            Cosmetic surgery is becoming the norm in the United States. For the most part, people get bodily enhancement to create a sense of uniqueness. While some people just simply cannot; others might have a problem you just cannot stand it. What if you have a physical attribute that just needs perfection? On the other hand, some health procedures require you change you appearance. Marie Claire, a magazine strictly for women, clearly stated this fact. "According to the international society of Aesthetics plastic surgery, the greatest number of cosmetic surgery procedures are performed in the united state."(November issue Marie Claire). .
             Everyday we make assumptions by what we can see physically. Even in the supermarket, we distinguish good products from bad products based on appearance. We are apt to choose good products because they do not have flaws. These assumptions and ways of thinking reflect on the way we judge ourselves. Lots of American suffer from low self - esteem. Many people face depression because they feel there not good looking, and that they just do not fit in. Therefore, they turn to the knife. Some people get surgeries because, supposedly, they want to feel socially accepted. For instance, a largely breasted woman would not feel comfortable around her peers that have not so big cleavage. Other incidences are that people do it just to flaunt. They want to look good and they want other to be aware of their sex appeal. Many women get breast implants because they may feel sexy even if they do not need to move up a cup but simply for attention.
             The only way for an average person to measure up to society standards of beauty is by erasing public stress. Many people feel self conscious about what they look like. The subconscious thought that everyone is looking at them and judging their appearance. Their psychological thoughts may lead one's mind to believe that they cannot be seen in public, causing many people to be less social.

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