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The Ugly Duckling Effect

            The team beauty or beautiful is described as a combination of qualities such as color form that pleases the aesthetic senses especially sight over the years beauty has been portrayed in many different ways in order for women to the "ideal" women. In the article "The Ugly Ducking Effect" they state that woman are easily influenced in order to maintain the "ideal" women regarding the consequences to themselves. This result also states that beauty beliefs were measured and manipulated; the message that beauty is malleable has a potentially harmful effect on women's lives. This work also suggests that the typical finding that malleable beliefs are beneficial may reverse when the domain in question has unattainable standards.
             Since women feel they can not obtain beauty qualities other women have, they are likely to change their physical appearance. The way women think can lead to low self esteem issues and would find a way to do what ever they can in order to chive the "ideal" women. The Media plays a huge rule in the idea of what beauty means. The Article by Brownwell, Frederickson and Roberts stated, "Women are constantly bombarded with images of idealized beauty that emphasizes youth, thinness, and white features"(Pg2). Campaigns, commercials, and Television show images of women as view on what they should look like, also states "media images involve photo Shopping, retouching and body reshaping"(Pg2). Indicating that the media alters a women real beauty in order to sell products of for business. The media also conveys that in order to achieve the "ideal" beauty they can use their product to obtain beauty. Making the cosmetic industry a large and well profitable business.
             The question that this whole article is about, is beauty easily influenced? Women feel if some beauty qualities were unreachable and they would do anything to be beautiful.

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