Corporal Punishment

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The issue of corporal punishment is truly controversial; consequently opinions on the issue vary depending on who it is you talk to. A woman by the name of Samantha Reid made the following statement in reference to the issue. "The periodic use of corporal punishment, as long as it does not result in injury, is often good for children and certainly not against their rights.  As cruel and unjust as this may sound to some people there is also many people I am sure who share this same opinion in one form or another. When making a critical assessment of the issue of corporal punishment there is of course a number of factors that must be taken into consideration. The first factor that needs assessment is if the method of corporal punishment actually creates a substantial negative affect. If in fact it does create negative outcomes than why have it as even a partially excepted social norm. While keeping the negative affects in mind the positive outcomes if they exist must be taken into consideration as well. Another important factor that must be examined is whether or not Canadian laws related to the corporal punishment of a child comply with the articles of the U.N convention on the rights of the child.

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