Describe Happiness

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Happiness comes about in many different forms and ways, and it can come at any time. For most people happiness is what guides them through life. People are driven to seek happiness because society says it is the key to life, but sometimes it can be lost in the struggle. Money equals happiness to most, however, this is not a true statement to me. Happiness comes from the heart and is often shared by two or more people. Yes, people can be happy by themselves, but happiness, to me, is shared.

Sinking the winning basket in a basketball game as time expires, throwing the winning touchdown pass in a football game, working hard to study for a test and then acing it, helping an elder rake leaves in their yard, buying someone a present just because, being accepted into a great college, are all forms of shared happiness. Happiness lies in a team effort, working hard to accomplish goals, and making certain that everything is done right with great quality. People often make happiness, it doesn't show up on its own. Effort, generosity, kindness, and reliabilit

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