Distance Education

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In the 1800's distance learning was commonly known as correspondence study. Made popular by the postal service, correspondence study was conducted through the mail by a school or other qualified institution that kept students and instructors in touch through writing. The United States was not the only country involved with correspondence courses however. European countries offered courses in shorthand and languages as early as the 1840's. The United States military was a huge supporter of the correspondence courses, giving soldiers an opportunity to advance while keeping them on the job.

Thanks to today, advancement and technology has entered us into a whole new wave of Distance Education. Distance Education still consists of the traditional mail correspondence as well as 1-way video classes, 2-way video classes, and Internet courses. Colleges all over the world are welcoming Distance Education into their campuses. Most colleges offer courses traditionally and new wave. These courses differ semester to semester. Some colleges even offer a completion of degrees that range from Bachelors to Doctorates by using Distance Education.

Distance Education is as simple as the alphabet. Analog is a signal that is received in the s

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