Dowry System

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In today's society our beliefs are different than they were during the Elizabethan era. Today, people believe that we live in golden ages and were better of now than we ever were. There are many facts that could prove that belief wrong. Take for example the dowry system. It was designed to provide the newly weds with security and basic needs. Today's society and especially western one would say that this system was cold and demeaning to women.

I think that there is nothing cold and demeaning about it, and I also know plenty of people who wished they had dowry system before they got married. One of those people is my wife which I completely agree with since I know what we went thru. Not only were we living in a foreign country but also we were broke and our parents didn't support us. On top of all that we wanted to get married with nothing else but love. Oh how I wish we had some kind of dowry system, how many problems would have been solved and how much time would have been saved. But hey everyone deserves a lesson in life and we learned ours. Love is not enough to get married on. Love has to be a part of something bigger to work otherwise that love will end.

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