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Love and Arranged Marriages

            In India, the tradition of arranged marriages has been an integral part of Indian society since the fourth century. This tradition is substantial and plays a significant role to a person's family regarding the choice of a marriage partner. To Americans this practice seems impractical. However, in India arranged marriage is the central fabric of Indian society. In Indian culture divorce is frowned upon. With the idea that parents have more experience in marriage, they weigh heavily on connecting partners based on important characteristics. These characteristics range from religion, horoscopes, financial, and placement in the caste system ("Arranged Marriages"). In Indian culture, arranged marriages are a traditional way of finding an appropriate mate, however it robs people of the freedom to fall in love. .
             An arranged marriage is a tradition wherein parents chose marital partners for their children. In the video, "Arranged Marriages Common In India" by Sumnima Udas, she said, "95% of marriages in India in arranged." This type of marriage is viewed as the most preferred due to giving the youth time to enjoy their adulthood. Arranged marriages are not based on feelings however it is based on commitment. It is the beginning of the relationship between a man and women. When arranged marriages first occurred, the potential groom and bride were never informed about their partner nor asked for their consent. This type of marriage could be forced upon children when they had reached the age of consent, 18 for girls, 21 for boys (US Bureau Of Consular Affairs). When it first began, arranged marriage was seen as a way to promote the caste system. The caste system distinguishes India's social structure. It was used as a tool for those in a higher caste to ensure that a family continues its caste, religious traditions, and financial status. Marrying outside of your caste is frowned upon by Indian society.

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