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Arranged Marriages

             The Western society has a misconception of what an arranged marriage is, it is understood to be a practice of many third world countries to oppress their young, and in particular their young girls to forever live an unhappy life. It is incomprehensible for them to fathom the idea that love doesn't necessarily have to come before marriage, but it can just as well come after and just as strong.
             America was based on freedom and individuality; as a result it is not at all shocking to see that Arranged marriages are greatly misunderstood because they feel that it is against everything freedom stands for. Looking at the path Americans has chosen to live a happy married life is disappointing. Mostly everyone seems to be a victim of so called Cinderella syndrome. This is represented in movies and television sitcoms such as Friends', where they have displayed women at the age of 30 still waiting for "Mr. Right- and men divorced more then once, because they later realize what they thought was love was merely physical attraction. Arranged marriages attempt to save you the hassle of wasting so much time and effort just to find out a few years into the marriage that the attraction has faded because realities of the real life started showing it's true color. .
             Arranged marriages are an extremely lengthy process, if looking at it with an open mind it has many respectable aspects. The process takes place like this; when the boy and girl come to the age where they both are educationally, emotionally, financially, and most important mentally ready the parents of each will go and search for their perfect match. The search begins according to what education, family background, personal values, emotional and mental level one prefers in their mate. When the match has been made, the two are given the right to meet for their satisfaction before any final decision is made. If for any reason the two feel incompatible with one another they have full right to reject the proposal.

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