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Love and Arranged Marriages

            Arranged Marriages have become a traditional way of marriages for some countries in the world. Some cultures would prefer arranged marriages over love marriages, however, this is not decided by the either of the two person who is marrying, but their parents instead. There are reasons why parents would prefer arranged marriages for their children than love marriages. In my opinion, love marriages would be a much better type of marriage compared to arrange marriages, which can also mean marrying by force. .
             Having an arranged marriage, in my opinion would mean weaker love from the engaged pair. First of all, it is because two of them are originally forced by their parents to have a wedding with each other, whom they might not have even met each other before; therefore it would be difficult for the arranged pair to fall in love with each other. Because a person can be forced into a marriage but on the other hand, their feelings towards their partner can't be forced. Whereas love marriages, which have the word "love", is a type of marriage where it comes to talking about love. Taking movies as an example, almost all romantic movies included love marriage instead of arranged marriage, because love marriage is able to give out a stronger love from the pair, towards the audience. This is also the reason people would cry in romantic movies. .
             Arranged marriages are considered to be literally, a trade for benefits, usually towards one family only. It is where a family would consider arranging their child to be married with another household that would eventually give benefits towards the families. Poor families usually would consider this idea because there is a chance where the child might be arranged with a richer family, this would means marrying for money therefore it would be better for poorer families to have more childrens. It is the inhumane act of giving their child away like an object and benefiting them in the process.

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