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Drought Problems

             Droughts are real problems for many people but mostly for farmers and ranchers. First of all, farmers sell food to the stores so we can have fresh food in the stores. We should give up some water for them or we wont have fresh food, and food is like a fork because we always need it. Also, the ranchers would have to sell their cattle if they don’t have enough water to feed them. And if you sell the cattle they go straight to the slotter house its like being in line to die. Also like the quote from Johnathon Wempe, “ I hate this drought because I can’t start camp fires.”.
             Also the ranchers will loose all their cattle and that will cost them a lot of money and money is like a best friend everyone likes it. We should save as much water as possible. If possible we should only try to water once every other week the grass wont like that but it will help over time. So we can save the farmers and ranchers from this nasty drought it’s eating up our water.
             Obviously, not using as much water is a great thing because the ranchers and farmers really need the water more than us because of their crops and cattle. I think you should go to the capital and talk to someone about the drought and how we can save more and more water every day. By the way Droughts Don’t Die.