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The California Drought: 2014-2015

             This paper explores the drought in California and how it is effecting environment, agriculture, and urban usage of water. Gov. Jerry brown has many solutions in his executive action and the delta smelt is going extinct. Fires are being caused because of the drought. California agriculture has decreased in the past few years -18000 jobs and 2 billion dollars in direct losses. The delta smelt is taking billions of gallons of water form people and farmers each year. Fires destroy some grasslands in California because of how dry it is. .
             The Drought in California.
             California is a great place to live but has been troubled in the last few years with a terrible drought. What is the solution to the drought? Cutting agriculture water rights, environmental, or urban usage? The drought in the past few years in California has been one of the worst in the past millennium. Many people think they know the solution to the problem. Many politicians say this and that about how it could help water in California but that will be presented later. Environmental, Agricultural, and urban usage of water in California are the three most important categories everyone is talking or thinking about. The drought in California has gotten so bad that in 2014 Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency and this paper will discuss how the shortage of water will affect California. .
             This paper will discuss Agriculture water rights and how it is being affected by the drought. Second the paper will discuss the environmental use of water and how it affects fish in California, and how the wildfires are effecting the dry areas of California. Third this paper will discuss the urban sage of water and how the people are being affected also. What is the solution to the California drought? This paper will seek to find that out. .
             California is in its 4th year of an extreme drought and agriculture is taking a hit. California agriculture is very important to our nation.

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