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Drought and Water Conservation

            We as society like to think that what we do with our personal interests won't affect our environment. But in this current drought in California many people's current interest and behavior may affect the drought both negatively and positively. Even though farmers aren't able to completely fix the water shortage on their own, they need help to switch the way they consume water just how people who live in the city need to realize how they waste their water. .
             When it comes to determining how we should be responsible for the current water crisis there are many different views on who's to blame, some people that cities are to blame while others say farms waste most of the precious resource. They believe that farms should switch the way they water their crops (Johnston. page 2). Doing this, can help farmers grow 30 percent more food with 30 percent less water. (Johnson. page 2). On the other hand, others feel that since we don't have enough reservoirs to capture this water we need to find ways to drill underground. (PBS video) Johnson and PBS broadcasting point to the fact that we all contribute to hurting our environment, yet none of us really go out of our way to change things for the better. We as a society act on negative situations rather than preventing the bad from happening in the first place. Based on these facts, we need to help the agriculture businesses out financially so we can help mother earth. Because if we don't step up and pay the miniscule amount of money it takes to change we will be in a very bad place, in which people could die. .
             Many people use as much water as they financially can afford. Wealthier citizens have larger houses with lush greenery on their properties which makes them consume larger quantities of water. Whereas the poorer people have less property which holds less greenery. The water department doesn't pick out what people need to use less water, they generalize the consumption and make every household cut back.

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