Effective Teaching

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The art of teaching is one that has been in practice for many centuries. The role that a teacher provides for students is very important to the advancement of general knowledge and higher learning. To be an effective teacher, certain obligations and actions must be taken to pursue this role.

Effective teaching follows many different stages that allow teachers to have a better approach to an everyday classroom situation. Today, the students seem to drift away from any lesson plan unless the lesson has personal appeal to the student. The understanding of each student is extremely important and will effect the instructional design. Each activity should reflect the learner's goal of each lesson plan brought out to learn. With the specifics of skills, knowledge, and experiences to meet the criteria of the course, each student's individual skills will reflect if all effort is put forth (Guide). The evaluation of the student will reflect the knowledge and provide feedback on the reaction towards this lesson. If the result average is lower than what would be expected, the level of interest was not met. In order to meet the goal of student interest, get the other faculty involved and create an alliance of ins

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