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"A family is one's back bone; one cannot follow a straight path without them.  In every person's life, there are certain people who are the most significant ¦ people who just seem to stick out more over a crowd. Many may not feel the same way, but in my point of view, family comes first.

Who is there for me when the world turns its back? Who supports me and worries about my grades in school and about my future? Who is always there to provide unconditional love for me when no one else is around? Some people still might answer this question with "friends , but in my case, I would have to disagree and say that family is the most important in my life. My parents are the only people in the world who will want me to achieve the highest. They are the only ones who encourage me to do my best and to not settle for less. They are also the only people who will tell me the truth about what is happening in my life and how to cope with it. No matter how long one has been friends with certain people, those friends will not want that person to excel much higher than them in everything they do. They will not necessarily let the person know what he/she should be doing at certain points of their life. Parents, on the

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