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Construction System: Masonry Cut Stone

Fact: At 555 feet tall, the highest all-masonry tower in the

world. It is 55 feet wide at the base.

Alone among the Founders of the United States George Washington earned the title "Father of his Country" in recognition of his leadership in the cause of American independence. Washington defined the Presidency and helped develop the relationships among the three branches of government. He established precedents that successfully launched the new government on its course. Washington remained ever mindful of the ramifications of his decisions and actions, for he was a consummate statesman. With this monument, the citizens of the United States show their enduring gratitude and respect.

Completed in 1885 after nearly 40 years of toil, the 555-foot, 5 and 1/8-inch Washington Monument was the world's tallest structure for five years, when it was surpassed by Paris' Eiffel Tower. It remains the world's tallest freestanding masonry structure, constructed entirely of stacked granite and marble blocks with no metal structural

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