Humanism in Education

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There are many theories in education that have been drawn from psychology some of these have to do with teaching and others with learning. Humanism is one theory that has been used in both teaching and learning. Humanism is a belief that that individuals control they're own destinies through the application of they're intelligence and learning. Since education is full of self-actualizations, every condition necessary to humanism would be based on they're learning intelligence. Humanist believe, that it is necessary to study the person as a whole, especially as an individual grows and develops over the lifespan. The study of the self, motivation, and goal setting are also areas of special interest. That is what humanism is said to be about.

Humanism can be driven in a various number of ways, but in education it's how one may control his or her on life or destiny. In education the teacher should not have to make a student want to learn, a student will never learn the way he or she should learn if being forced into it. A student that is forced into learning, or for that matter any child who is forced to do any thing they don't want to, the out come of that will never be great, where they are forced to d

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