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Secular Humanists and Christians

            Secular humanists deny the existence of God. To what extent is this a problem for Christian belief?.
             Secular humanism is not a religion, but a way of thinking and living and its aim is for you personally to bring out the best in yourself and other people so that you can live a happy life. Secular humanists also believe that we personally are in charge of and are responsible for what happens in our own lives and we must not rely on a God to help us or tell us what to do. They also believe in individual freedom and believe that their first responsibility is not to god, nor to our neighbour, but to ourselves. For these reasons they do not believe in god or in the supernatural.
             Until the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Christianity had provided the people of Europe with the basis of their beliefs and values. It told them everything that they needed to know about the purpose and meaning of life. Charles Darwin was one of the first scientists to openly oppose Christianity with his book "The origin of man" which describes how humans have descended from the apes and so opposes genesis where the creation of the world is described as being conducted by god in seven days. Humanism has been formed through the knowledge that much of what is described of in the bible is scientifically impossible but through the need, people have to follow a set of beliefs, which include caring for other people. Then came along humanism and the scientific method which both say that there is no such thing as god.
             The scientific evidence by Darwin and other scientists of that era proving that many of the stories in the bible are untrue do contradict the Christian notion of god as "the creator". Some strict Christians still believe in the chapters of the old testamant and it is particularly these groups that humanism poses a problem too. However in modern times there is an increasing number of Christians who accept some of the scientific theories laid down by Darwin yet still believe in the existence of god, heaven and Christ.

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