Kingship: Ancient And Medieval

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Kingship “ Ancient & Medieval

Due to the Kings and high ranking officials from the Ancient and Medieval periods of time, much of the information acquired from the average person is partial. The authority associated with kingship in the past included all three aspects of the modern U.S Government; Executive, Legislative, and Judicial while maintaining the authority to control all information obtained by the public. In a respectable fashion, Kings were able to edit the documents of their progress, and actions. Documentation of Kingship rarely stressed the performance of the King himself rather the stress was placed on the duties of the office at the current time. "Their content can be compared to that of an American president's State of the Union address: little of the personality of the incumbent emerges from this material, stress rather being placed on his presidential ”or ancient kingly ”qualities and on events that exemplify his successful execution of his office. (Lorton, 2) 

Two aspects of government that played large roles in the medieval lifestyle were religion and the military. Both of which influenced many decisions made by the kings through Ancient and Medieval times. Already bein

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