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How To: Plan A Suprise Party

             Over the years I have attended numerous birthday parties. From a simple pizza party to an extravagant surprise party. I have been to them all. The latest party I had attended was roughly three months ago, and what a disaster that was. After experiencing a surprise party that wasn’t quite a “surprise” at all, I learned a few techniques that can make the preparing process a little easier.
             Planning a surprise party may seem like an uncomplicated project, but can be difficult at times. You have to have patience, energy, and be organized in order to have a victorious surprise. .
             First, you will need to choose an appropriate place to have this gathering. You can determine where exactly you can have it by the age of the person. After you have a general idea of where this party should be, you can begin to look for locations. You can find a directory in the phone book for banquet halls or even night clubs. It can be as simple as a favorite restaurant, where ever it may be, you can even look on the internet for a search page containing some of those ideas.
             Next, you have to book your reservation. You have to make sure that the date that you are planning to have this party is available at that specific place. When you book your reservation, you have to ask what exactly comes with the “party package.” You have to choose the appetizers, the decorations, the theme, ect. Once you have that planned, you must give the coordinator an exact number of guests that will be attending. Most people can usually choose there choice of food by the type of restaurant / hall that you are at. Decorations go along with the theme, if it is a party and the theme is “Under the Sea”, then you get decorations that are part of that, like fish, or sand.
             Last, you have to get a list of guests that you are inviting, once you have all of the names and .
             address’s of each one, you can send out invitations.