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Leadership Case Analysis

            QUESTION #1: Compare and contrast the situations/circumstances used in the Hersey-Blanchard “Situational Leadership Model” with those of the Vroom-Jago Decision Tree Model. Will these two models suggest the same style of leadership for the same situations? Both models deal with the decision-making process. The Hersey-Blanchard theory has 4 leadership styles: telling, selling, participating, and delegating. These styles are determined by readiness levels and maturity of the workers. Telling is providing specific instructions and closely supervise performance. Selling is explaining decisions and provide opportunity for clarification. Participating is sharing ideas and facilitating in decision-making. Delegating is turning over responsibility for decisions and implementation. The Vroom-Jago Leadership Decision Tree focuses on different decision trees for individual and group decisions. The decision styles are autocratic, consultive, group, and delegative. With the Vroom-Jago model, you must consider these 3 elements: (1) specification of the criteria by which the decision effectiveness is judged, (2) a framework for describinb specific leader behaviors or styles, and (3) key diagnostic variables that describe important aspects of the leadership situation. In the Hersey model, a person that is high in job readiness has the knowledge and abilities to perfrom the job without a manager directing the work. Also, a person with high psychological readiness has self-motivation and put forth a high quality of work. The Vroom model deals with methods of approching the decision-making process and what leadership style would work the best based on the decisions. Sometimes there is no one way to solve a problem, but these models show that there is only one way to solve problems and gives managers to a “guide” to help make decisions. QUESTION #2: Using the Hersey-Blanchard, Vroom-Jago, and Fiedler models, determine which style of leadership should have been used by the new supervisors in the second summer? The Vroom-Jago model should have been used by the new supervisors.