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Issues Facing Teens Today

            Adolescents today face the common problem of peer pressure, which results in many consequences that have affected the teenage life. In the pursuit to become popular or fit in, most teens eventually collapse under the pressure. Peer pressure can cause many teenagers to entertain the idea of sexual intercourse, promotes the use of alcohol, and can encourage drug use, thus ultimately damaging the adolescent. .
             Recently, pregnancy has become a common issue among high school aged teens. As a result of peer pressure, teenagers may feel it is appropriate to have sex, however they are often unaware of the penalty of their choices. When having sex there is always the possibility of pregnancy. Furthermore, becoming pregnant at a young age has more drawbacks than becoming pregnant at a later age. For example, once the baby is born, the teen will have the full responsibility of another human being. Ironically, most adolescents cannot take care of themselves, let alone take care of another. The only prevention of teen pregnancy is teaching teens morals and the importance of abstinence. Despite the fact teen pregnancy is an increasing problem, it is a subject in which the solutions in most cases go unnoticed. .
             Secondly, peer pressure causes teens to drink, because they want to gain social acceptance. Teenage drinking has become a major issue in recent years. Most find drinking as the easiest and safest way to give into peer pressure. However, with drinking, teens can suffer from serious consequences. For instance, excessive drinking can cause possible death. By drinking in extreme amounts, there is likely the chance of acquiring alcohol poisoning, which if not taken care of, can be fatal. Also, when intoxicated, one is not fully aware, and could partake in events that they would normally avoid. Making the effects clear to teens through lectures and school awareness programs could help most teens receive a better understanding.