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Life Contrast

            Compare and contrast life nowadays and life fifty years ago.
             We are all born small and grow up, so as everything in our life. Everything either develops to the better or worse. This depends on a lot of circumstances and factors. These factors play an important role in our life, since they control the changes that occur between ages and eras. For example, if we return back in time, we will find a lot differences in our time and the past life. Though fifty ears may not seen a very big deal of time, there are many contrasts between our time and our grand parents time.
             Population has varied greatly through the last fifty years. The world population has increased in general, and particularly Egypt’s population has increased almost the double. This phenomenon is very clear in large cities such as Cairo, Giza and Alexandria. Any one can realize that the streets are always over crowded, there are a lot of traffic jams, and public transportation means in addition to public schools are overcrowded. If we take a look at the age of our grand parents, we will find that the population was less than half our population now a day. Public transportation means and public free education were easily available. This issue affected by a way or another the attitude and the behavior of people with each other. There was less cheating in trading, crimes were fewer and even people deled with each other in a better way. Normally any one would choose to live in that age rather than our age.
             The environment has been harmed a lot by the run of time on the human race. Human beings harm and pollute the environment in different ways. There are many examples considering polluting the earth, the seas and even the atmosphere. Man cuts down trees from forests for wood, and consequently decreases the green area, increasing the percentage of carbon dioxide in air.