Cotton Textile

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Cotton is a fiber that grows from the surface of seeds in the pods of a bushy mallow plant. It is composed of a substance called cellulose.

American upland cotton constitutes over 99% of the United States cotton crop. Upland cotton fibers are generally fairly white, strong and dull.

It is grown in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California. The cotton fiber is strong, lustrous, silky and creamy brown-white in color.

These cotton fibers are light brown, fine, strong and 32-38 mm in length.

Asiatic cotton are produced in India, China, and the near east. These are coarse fibers less than 25mm in length.

Textile is the premier industry now reckoned among the top few in the world. 65% of Pakistan's export is related to cotton. The most important producers of cotton are:-

1. China 2. U.S.A 3. India 4. Pakistan 5. Egypt

In recent years, the textile industry of Pakistan has grown very rapidly. This is mainly due to the demand of yarn, fabric and of finished garments. The countries w

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