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Industrial Revolution

            "Britain was fascinated by wealth and commerce, collectively and.
             The Industrial Revolution crashed into Britain during the 18th century and engaged the nation emotionally, physically and economically. Britain endured many changes due to the industrial revolution in the 18th century. It had many technological advances, became more profitable in exporting goods world wide and was profitable in capital investment. Who would have thought a country at war for more than half of the century was able to become so lucrative.
             Exports nearly quadrupled in Great Britain between 1660-1760. Britain was able to market and produce linens and woolen textiles and then ship them throughout Europe. This was done by many technological advances in textile machinery. India, which used to import cotton into Britain and other European countries, was soon overthrown from their profiting position. In 1770, Britain was mass producing cotton products throughout Europe. Britain was able to mass produce cheap articles of clothing and export it to countries such as the Americas, Africa and the Far East. People there were more .
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             concerned with cheap and inexpensive clothing rather than costly high fashioned clothes. Britain appealed to the middle and lower class with cheap cotton goods as well as the upper class. The upper class sought fine cottons and yardages of fabric which Britain was ample and able to produce and ship worldwide.
             The British textile industry began to take off in 1833. By this time nearly 237,000 people were employed in cotton textile factories in England. Many technological advances soon began to develop contributing to the Industrial Revolution. James Hargreave invented the spinning Jenny in 1768. It allowed spinners to produce yarn in greater quantities. The first big industry was cotton textile factories, though other kinds of factories developed as well machines had been used some by workers who did piece work at home with spinning wheels and hand looms.

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