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Political Violence

            To truly understand why political violence exists, one must first examine its roots, goals, and means. In America today, there exists several underground groups or factions that relate themselves to the Neo-Nazi movement. These organizations, although for the most part are not mainstream, present a serious threat to the American way of life. .
             According to Elinor Langer, author of The Nation article “The American Neo-Nazi Movement Today,” the term Neo-Nazi refers to five distinct groups prevalent in American society (83). This group includes such anti-Semitics such as the Nazis, the skinheads, the Klu Klux Klan, the Posse Comitatus, and the Christian Identity Movement. These groups are blatantly racist, and use the race issue to determine what actions they take. These actions usually include, but are not limited to rallies and boycotts. Sometimes they are peaceful, but sometimes they turn violent, as demonstrated by the KKK and various hate crimes committed during the last century. .
             To justify the use of violence on the grounds of one’s race is absurd. These groups honestly believe that different shades of skin define individuals and their capacity to reason. Ironically, it is these groups that appear to be ignorant and incapable of sound reason because of their bogus beliefs. .
             Fortunately for us, we live in a country where democracy and liberalism allow for rational beings to come to their own conclusions. This is the reason why these hate groups are a minority, and it is precisely why they are so mad. They remind me of the kid who does not get any attention from his mother, and has to cry out or act foolishly to get noticed. It’s like trying to hunt a tiger with a handful of rocks - they just don’t have the manpower or political support to go mainstream.
             However, I think that all this nonsense boils down to a lack of education. The members of the various hate groups are usually of low class and wealth.