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Compliance Of Male And Female Drivers At Stop Signs

             The Compliance of Women and Men at Stop Signs:.
             Determining the Behavior of Compliance and Non-compliance.
             Ilana Y. Goldstein.
             Montclair State University.
             Montclair, New Jersey.
             The behavior of 220 subjects consisting of 103 female drivers and 117 male drivers was unobtrusively observed at stop signs. Table 1 shows the rate of compliance or non-compliance of the drivers at the stop sign. The gender of each subject was recorded as well as the frequency of and type of stop made at the intersection. The results were conclusive in that men are more likely not to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. However, the goal here is to determine what sort of behavior or ideas causes a difference in the compliance of male and female drivers when they encounter a stop sign. .
             The Compliance of Women and Men at Stop Signs:.
             Determining the Cause of Behavior .
             Everyday many of us encounter situations in which we are expected to follow certain rules pertaining to the situation we are facing. For example, all drivers encounter stop signs at which they are expected to stop. However, many drivers do not abide by the rules of the road all of the time. Sometimes people are in a rush to get somewhere and perhaps running through a stop sign will get them to their destination more quickly. Perhaps some drivers think no one is looking, or they simply do not care about the laws and therefore we choose not to abide by them. In some situations, not stopping at a stop sign may not be that dangerous, however, it is in most cases. .
             What exactly is it that drives the driver who knows the rules of driving and knows the consequences if the rules are broken, i.e.; a moving violation with a heavy fine attached or a potentially fatal car crash, to continue to break the rules despite their knowledge? What is the driving force causes male drivers to run through a stop sign and what would cause a female driver to be more compliant to the rules of the road? .