Public Administration

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A policy is defined as a reletively stable, purposive course of action, followed by an actor or actors, in dealing with a problem or matter of concern. A public policy may be veiwed as a political systems response to demands arising from it's environment. These policies as developed over time, following a series of procedures before they are enacted into law.

The first step in policy formation begins with the policy problem. This is a condition or situation that produces needs or dissatisfaction amoung people for which releif or redress by government action is sought.A public problem must effect substantial amounts of people and have broad effects, and also offer abtainable solutions to be appropriate for government action.

The policymakers decide whether the problem should have positive action, meaning they will put it on the policy agenda, or negative action, meaning they will ignore the problem, put it off for another time, or decide no action should be taken. If this problem is of a public concern, it will be placed apon the systematic agenda for further review, or if it is of an govt,legislative matter, it go go to the institutional agenda.

Agenda setting goes through three basic streams of activity: The problem stream cons

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