Sign Language

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Communication is the basis of everyone's lives. Without communication we would not be able to do anything. We would not be able to work together and make this world what is today, we would not be able to have families, and we would not be able survive. Communication is our means of survival. There are many types of communication; written, oral, and body language. Further more body language can be used as a type of Sign Language. In this paper I will explain the history of Sign Language and explain Helen Keller's effect on the world and how she helped make Sign Language an actual language, and the reactions of the deaf people trying to make it easier for them to get along in this world.

In America today the Sign Language that is used by deaf people is a mix of signs brought from France in the early 19th century. A man named Dr. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet taught a girl named Alice Cogsewell communication as an experiment. As a result of his success he was send abroad to study methods of Sign Language that was being used in England. In London Dr. Gallaudet got to meet the owner of the Signing school in Paris, Abbe Sicard. The school had been founded by a man named Abbe de L'Epee in 1755. Abbe was known as

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