Friend Or Foe

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Friendship is defined in the dictionary as two or more people attached to another by respect or affection. Friendship deals with trials and tribulations, but no matter what, is all worth the while. Paradise Hotel targets viewers of all ages. It communicates to the viewer that making friends is easy, but maintaining those friendships is a lot harder. On Paradise Hotel, Tara, Charla, Keith and Dave all learn the true meaning of friendship after dealing with themselves and the other guests. [The new reality television show Paradise Hotel is about the backstabbing, gossip, headache, drama and ultimately the friendships made between the guests.]

On Paradise Hotel, eleven strangers are brought together in paradise for the summer of a lifetime. The guests get to live together in the most exclusive resort ever. There are six rooms in the hotel, five rooms with couples and one solo room. Each week, one hotel guest will be eliminated to make room for someone new. But there is a catch, once someone is kicked off; another outsider is brought on the show. During the last few weeks of the show, no outsider is brought on and the guest list gets smaller and smaller. Eventually, there are two guests who remain standing that

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