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An Unlikely Foe

             I once had a friend named Samantha. I had considered her to be my best friend for quite a while. I even had somewhat of a crush on her. A few of my friends may say an obsession, but it wasn't. No matter what the situation was, I was always honest even through a wall of lies. That's the relationship I had with the most unlikeliest foe I ever had.
             Everyday, Samantha and I would meet each other half way between our houses and walk together. Even if there was nothing to do, I remember her company would be the most interesting experience in my life. I remember an occasion when we were waiting for her parents to get home. We talked for a while and then there was an awkward silence that lasted for about five minutes or so, and then Samantha said the exact same thing I was thinking the second before. At the time, it was just like a deja vu, but then it was happening quite a few more times and I guess it helped me convince myself of what I felt. .
             The thing that captured me the most would have to be our close and inseperable friendship. No matter how stupid she thought or whether she wanted to or not, she always talked to me and I always comforted her and was a good listener. In essence, everything I considered a real friend to do, even if it was kinda one-sided. I've always prided myself on being a good friend and a good listener. I"m what you would call a man of virtues. When I set a virtue to go by for myself, I never change the rules. But no matter how nice you are, people will still walk all over you like gum stuck to your shoe.
             I didn't notice at first, but there were signs to the trained eye to show a seperation wasn't ruled out for this seemingly happy relationship. Even though the signs became more apparent, instead of going with logic, I blamed things on myself. It was an easy escape for a teen with thoughts of suicide.

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