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Reaction Paper

            Is it possible to keep things like the attacks of September 11th from ever happening again? The government as well as many other countries may think so. Could an end to terrorism as close to us as a simple National I.D. card? According to the web site; National I.D. Cards: One Size Fits All of October 8th , 2001 by Daniel J. Wakin, many government corporations are now thinking about the issuance of the National I.D. card. National I.D. cards would be used as a source of protection for the American people. The question that many citizens still ask is if the National I.D. cars system is really for our protection, or just a way for the government to violate our privacy. .
             One of the main reasons that National I.D. cards have yet to be issued is the fact that many people feel that they will violate our unwritten right to privacy. The National I.D. cards would have our fingerprints and access to a national database that will give information needed by the government about American citizens. The process of issuing National I.D. cards would dramatically help The Immigration and Naturalization Service in helping with keeping track of short-term as well as long-term boarder crossings. One thing that many Americans don’t realize is that we already have an I.D. system that gives the government access to any of our records needed by the government. A National I.D. card is just like a driver’s license with only a little more power for the government to obtain information about the citizens of the U.S. .
             With the possibility of greater government protection for the American citizen coming in the form of a national I.D. card why wouldn’t people be willing to stretch their right to privacy and give the government a little more leeway and allow them to enforce a policy of the National I.D. card. One problem that stays in the way of the government issuing a National I.D. card is the fact that to run such a program would cost up to at least 35 million to develop and 20 million a year to run.