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Effect of Temperature on the Rate of Reaction.

            Aim: To enquire the effect of Temperature on the Rate of Reaction.
             I am going to carry out an investigation on finding out the effect of heat on rate of reaction. The input variable I am changing is temperature. I will do this by increasing or decreasing temperature. The lowest reading being 30 and the highest being 80 degrees Celsius, timing will vary and be carried out at every increase in 10 degrees. I will be using Sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid to carry out this investigation. To ensure accuracy I will do the experiment three times. However when carrying out this investigation it is vital to take precaution and this is why I will have to wear goggles to protect my eyes from any harmful substances I will be handling. I will also put on gloves, which will prevent the acid from coming into direct contact with my skin just in case it may spill on my hand. This is because corrosive and may eat away my skin.
             I intend to record and present my results using a table of results and in graphic form. I will make a line graph and present the line of best fit, which clearly brings out any anomalies and any inaccurate readings. .
             Equipment: Thermometer, Stopwatch, Conical flask, Bunsen burner, Tripod stand, Measuring cylinder, matches, goggles, Paper marked with X.
             I will measure out 10ml of Sodium thiosulphate and 10ml of hydrochloric acid. I will then heat the Sodium thiosulpate to 30 degrees then mix with Hydrochloric acid and time using a stopwatch the rate of the reaction. The flask should be placed on a paper marked with an X. The reaction is complete when a new yellowish substance is formed and the cross marked on the paper disappears .I will repeat this method again but this time, the temperature will vary as I will be heating the Sodium thiosulphate to 40 degrees. The method will repeat with a varying temperature of 50 degrees and so forth as they increase gradually.
             Fair Test:.

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