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The Effect of Concentration and Temperature on the Rate

             Different features influence the reaction rate: .
             ) 1st warm/cold temperature (meaning, the change in temperature).
             (b.) 2nd different concentration of a particular solution in one-an-other.
             (c.) 3rd and adding catalyst to a solution.
             During this Lab work we conducted experiments that helped us to find what and how is a solutions reaction rate effected by the change of temperature and different concentration.
             There was a very important thing to notice:.
             Na2S2O3 + 2HCl  S + SO2 + 2NaCl + H2O.
             Is that after hydrochloric acid is added to sodium thiosulphate and they react with each other, the solution that is formed is turbid even tough both of the substances were transparent before. That occurs because this sulphur that is realised does not solute in that particular substance.
             My hypothesis is that the higher the temperature the faster the reaction rate because of the faster moving particles, and the higher the concentration of Na2S2O3 (less dense solution with more water) the slower the reaction. .
             I. sodium thisulphate Na2S2O3.
             II. hydrogen chloride HCl.
             III. distilled water H2O .
             IV. stopwatch measuring .
             V. pipette .
             VI. beaker.
             VII. thermometer.
             VIII. bunsen burner and tripod thermometer.
             IX. cylinder.
             X. paper with a cross on it .
             We were divided into 3 groups because there was too much work to do if we two by two and we wouldn't have finished the lab work in time. All three groups were assigned with a different temperature: 60°C, 40°C and 20°C (or room temperature) which was my group. I've got to admitted that we were lucky because we didn't need to heat the water and like that we didn't have as much work as the other students. We also had another advantage; our group had more people than in the other 2 groups so we had the time to do each experiment twice. .
             We measured what amount of sodium thriosulphate, of hydrogen chloride and of the water in a measuring cylinder.

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