Roaring 20s

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The Roaring 20s refers to the "golden" decade of growth between 1920 - 1930 in post-war America. America in the 1920s was full of prosperity, growth, and was considered a crossroad of the traditional and modern. Such as the Fundamentalists of "old school" religion clashing with the Modernists of new religion. Standard of living rose greatly, and for the first time, more of the population lived in urban areas, rather than in the rural farms. The decade of 1920 brought forth many positive changes in America that altered it to meet the changes of society. The so-called "roaring 20s" of the 1920s America can be seen as an accurate portrayal of America, for America was becoming a contemporary society; America began progressing at a rapid pace. The decade of the 1920s included many changes, inventions, and developments which transformed a traditional American society into a modern American society- a society in which the conflict of traditional v. modern had lasting effects on American society. Such cultural changes which conflicted with past tradition would include the invention of the automobile, the changing role of women, the role of science and religion, as well as new technology that were introduced and furthered in the decade of the

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