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The 1920's in the United States and Canada

            How would you feel being divided from the world, your whole life? The Great Gatsby and the 1920's in Canada were very similar in that respect. The American dream is a comparable theme shared between both time periods. In many ways both countries show that independence was due to the roaring twenties. This similarity is presented as a theme for that decade and a compass for its people. Some symbols mentioned in The Great Gatsby and from the 1920's are the music, dances and fashion; these symbols have many meanings behind them that relate to the American dream. The major difference apparent in the countries, at the time is the influence and decline of USA's culture on Canada and itself. It is clear that the 1920's in the USA and Canada both share similarities and differences in how they and their people value wealth and the American dream. This is evident through the exploration of theme, symbolism, and difference of influence.
             Firstly, the booming 20s go against the American dream. The feeling of hope of the 1920s and how trend and communal customs were pushing edges/borders oppressed the idea of the American dream. This was also well known in The Great Gatsby. The American dream in this area is dishonest (in a way to ruin trust). In The Great Gatsby, Jay was the perfect example of the American dream: big house and money. However, Gatsby's dream was more of achieving daisy (rich, pretty and high social class) rather than getting rich. He speculated that the method to be acquiring Daisy would be to become rich himself but even despite that, Gatsby could not acquire Daisy. Gluttony and the pursuit of satisfaction are what most people of the 1920 were like. Woman pushes the limits through fashion, drinking and partying. Gluttony and tremendous wealth is also very similar to the novel The Great Gatsby.
             Secondly, the trend in The Great Gatsby not only shows the wealth and greed for the upper class but also it differentiates the social classes.

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