Rights And Responsibilities

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In the path of growing up, adolescents either gain, or have thrust upon them a range of rights and equivalent responsibilities. A right is generally something which is given to us as a privilege. There are many rights which are rewarded to adolescents in the growing up process. These 'rights' include the right to vote, the right to leave school, the right to obtain a drivers licence, the age of consent, and the legal age for purchasing alcohol and cigarettes. A responsibility in the other hand is seen as an obligation. Some of the responsibilities which are given to adolescents include school, which consists of homework and other responsibilities ,and choirs around the home or community. Receiving a drivers licence and having the right to vote can be seen as both rights and responsibilities.

The right to vote is seen as a very important factor of becoming an adult and the growing up process. This is because once you hit the age of 18 you have the ˜right' to express your views about the law. It is seen as an important factor because previously you have no say about the law. The ˜right to vote' only comes with becoming an adult, once you have the right to

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