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Sexual Harassment In Schools

             Discomfort, awkwardness, weariness, and fear are all associated with something. They could be feelings one gets when they are a victim of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment has been a part of everyday crime for many years, and will most likely be around forever. It’s something both men and women can experience virtually anywhere. Therefore, school facilities are included. They are crowded with people allowing access to make remarks that will lead a person to feel uncomfortable. .
             Although an educational facility is supposed to provide protection, sexual harassment is often overlooked because it is so common. For example, if a girl walked down a hall after one of her classes, it is positive that a guy is going to make a pass or a gesture at her. Even though he said what he did without intentionally trying to “sexually harass” her, she is probably annoyed and/or scared. He shouting out unnecessary comments also may disturb her. Classrooms are also subject to sexual harassment between fellow classmates. For example, a girl drops her pencil and bends down to retrieve it, when a boy that sits behind her comments on her “rear end.” She’s without a doubt, mortified beyond belief because the “rear end” is not something people go around complimenting each other on. She might even feel insecure sitting in front of him for the rest of the school year. .
             Everyone gets very uncomfortable when they feel that they have been sexually harassed, but coming from a person of authority is definitely more fearful. For example, a student has to stay after school to make up a test, alone. While he/she is working on their exam, the teacher comes and sits near, so he/she may begin to say inappropriate things to his or her student. The teacher may even go further than sexually harassing his/her student. The student is most likely to be terrified and hoping that nothing more will happen.