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Indoor tanning has become increasingly popular in the past ten years. The normal age group of indoor tanners today consists of men and women from the mid-teens to the late forties. Part of the reason for the increase of tanning is because tanning salons today are educating their members more frequently and effectively. There aren't any more unanswered tanning myths floating around our society. The truth is indoor tanning is a fast and convenient method used by many individuals to gain skin tone and color, increase self- esteem and promote relaxation. It can be beneficial in many aspects of our lives as well as a healthier alternative to outdoor exposure.

Some people do not agree with tanning and they believe that it is unhealthy for a number of reasons. Dermatologists today are against it for the simple fact that they believe it causes skin cancer. Although there have been no specific studies proving the link to ultraviolet exposure and skin cancer it still remains a very controversial issue. Other important factors that they have brought up are that tanning causes early aging and wrinkles, which are both of equal concern for middle aged men and women. The fact of the matter is that indoor tanni

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