Gathering of Old Men

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1. The author tells the story from so many different perspectives in order to show how each character reacts to the situation. The different viewpoints of the characters represent the black and white communities of Marshall and The Bayou. Some of the voices were distinctive such as Mapes, Candy, and Lou Dimes. Others were less distinctive. The main message from each of the 17 voices was to stand his or her own ground.

2. The role of the black women played in this novel, for the most part, was to not fight Luke Will and his gang, but Candy was different. She wanted to stand up to Mapes and the others. The men do not listen to the women who do not want to fight. They're going to stand up to Mapes, Luke Will, and the others. The black men want to put an end to the white peoples reign over the blacks.

3. The old men gathered together at a white woman's bidding because Miss Merle had raised her (Candy) in their community. She is looked at differently then the o

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