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Australian and New Zealand Army Corps

            Ordinary men doing extraordinary things.
             Ordinary men doing extra ordinary things is a phrase used to describe the enigma known as the ANZAC spirit that instils patriotic pride in men and women of New Zealand and Australia. The ANZAC spirit however is more difficult to define than that, for example; were these men ordinary, did they present an accurate portrayal of the average Australian at the time? These men were not ordinary men; they were the cream of Australian society at the time. The original AIF forces were carefully selected to be the best physical specimens on offer, and that the most adventurous, and courageous men were those who enlisted in the first place. Did they do extraordinary things? It is certain that the Australians that fought at Gallipoli, and other campaigns in WW1, the Australian forces in WW2 and future engagements, and local Australian heroes, did and still do display the attributes of Bravery, Prowess, and Mateship, that uniformly sets them apart from other country's seminal heroes.
             The ANZAC spirit is based on the actions of, and events involving Australian forces fighting on the Gallipoli peninsula from the legendary first landings at Suvla bay, on 25th of April 1915, to the ingenious evacuation on the 7th to 9th of January 19 the following year. It is recognition of the distinctly Australian qualities, bravery, mateship, disrespect for authority and physical prowess, that was epitomised in the Gallipoli, and at select other events in Australian history since. It has acquired legendary status over the years, and many of the original truths have been warped into a more heroic tale, but the truth remains that during and since the Gallipoli campaign, Australians have carried the ANZAC spirit and lived up to what it stands for. It is extraordinary men doing amazing things in the face of adversity, and how this has influenced future Australians to do the same.

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