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Gallipoli War

             There had always been events that played major roles for changing the balances in the world throughout history. Unfortunately, most of the time, these events were nothing but the cruel wars that resulted in the loss of millions of people and in waste of huge amount of money. Like every other war, World War 1 took many lives and money and changed the balances in the world. Actually, these big wars are usually emerging to change the balances because some sides don't like the world to stay as it is. In the Gallipoli War, which was a part of the World War 1 there were different sides which were joining the war for different reasons and goals. Likely, their achievements were different, too. Some could reach few of the things they have planned before, while some could reach none of their goals. The following pages that will be about the Gallipoli War that took place during the World War 1 will not include all of the sides that entered this war. There will be the main countries or alliances that played the major role in the Gallipoli War process. Germany, Ottoman Empire, Great Britain, France, New Zealand and Australia and Russia are the most important countries that existed in the name of Gallipoli War. As my research question was about the goals of the rivals and the ones that were achieved at the end of the war, an important conflict occurs that could be discussed in the research paper. .
             One of the most important conflicts about the goals of the rivals in the Gallipoli War is considering England generally. As most of the allies' primary aim was to reach the capital of Ottoman Empire (Turkey) Constantinople for their own plans and interests, the one country that wanted to capture the capital the most was Great Britain as she was the most important country among the ones who fought in the Gallipoli Campaign. After the big defeat in the Gallipoli Battles and huge loss of people, the Turks were in bad conditions, too.

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