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             Gallipoli' is film that deals with Australia's involvement in the 1915 Gallipoli campaign during World War I. Directed by the Australian Peter Weir in 1981, it is one of the most loved and honoured Australian film of all time and have made headlines all around the world. This film depicts the real horrors of the war as well as providing some historical information for the audience. It is one of those films that exploded the anti-war themes. Peter Weir uses several sources to help with his script including Bill Gammage's book The Broken Years' which is a collection of excerpts from soldiers diaries and letters as well as The Official History' by C.E.W.Bean.
             In this film, I believe Australian's attitudes toward enlistment in the war were very factual. The film showed the enthusiasm and patriotism of many young Australian men and how they were very eager yet blinded by the dangers of the war. When the war was declared between Britain and Germany, newspapers and propaganda posters around the country all encourage men to participate. Many men felt the duty to join in because Britain was regarded as their Mother Country while others believe it was an opportunity for heroic adventures'. For example, in this film Archibald Hamilton (Mark Lee) went through a great deal of trouble just to join the army even though he had matched the standard in all ways except that he was under age. This gave the audience a picture of how Archibald was very eager and determined to join in the army. There was also pressure from the society to enlist. Like in the scene when Archibald and Frank (Mel Gibson) made it to a house and were welcomed by a generous family. Over drinks someone asked Archy why he was going to Perth. He replied that he was going to join the Light horse to fight the Turks. Everyone in the room welled up with pride. A beautiful young woman looked lovingly at him. When was asked if he was joining as well, Frank sheepishly answered he was going to pursue business opportunities.

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