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How the events at Gallipoli created the anzac spirit.

            Anzac day is on April 25; a day set aside to honour and keep in mind those who have fought to show the world what we could do as a new country and gave our "mother country", Britain a helping hand. Also to commemorate the lives lost in the 8 month period spent by ANZAC forces on the Gallipoli Peninsula. 25 April 1915, the day Australians and New Zealanders landed at Gallipoli and the beginning of the Anzac legend. .
             The landing at dawn was written in history, as the first time Australian troops went into action as their own independent army. They saw that day as not very lucky, given that there was a navigational error where they landed 2km north of their planned target; on a part of the coast where it was difficult to move due to lack of room and steep cliffs where they met unexpectedly with Turkish snipers. Within one day, 4000men were attacked with enfilading machine gun fire and all hope was gone for a quick victory. By the end of the day, 16000 men were ashore but 2000 had not made it. This was a very high casualty rate for a one days fight. .
             Misfortune and disaster is more considered the words to describe the war then victory. It is said that we had the highest amount of casualties seeing that every first men died and every second injured either lightly or permanently resulting in 215,585 casualties; not including those held in prison. However, back in Australia, men were still supporting their mates at war by continuously enlisting one by one. .
             The word Anzac makes most people automatically think about the heroic diggers who played an immense role in the troops, they had to dig wherever they could to protect themselves but few of the places were safe and could shield them from Turkish snipers.
             The Anzacs were seen to be disrespectful and insolent towards the British commanders, despite this they brought with them a patriotic heart to the battlefields and fought with confidence, determination and bravery.

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