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Case Study Johnson

             Wherever we are, there might be a Johnson Electric motor surrounding us. At home and at work, their motors range from kitchen appliances, hair dryers, toothbrushes, power tools, printers, DVD, CD ROMs, copy machines, and even vending ones. Even a typical car has Johnson Electric motors to power door locks, mirrors, wipers and washers, ABS brakes, radiator fans and fuel pumps. Over the years, they have shipped 5 billion motors to more than thirty countries in over one hundred different motor applications. Johnson Electric has every intention in maintaining their position as the growing leader in the electric motor industry.
             THE BEGINNING.
             Johnson Electric's success begins by committing to their customers which include many of the world's leading industrial, consumer appliances and automotive companies. First of all they understand their customers' needs and product application requirements, then they design and create innovative motor solutions that help their customers differentiate their products in the marketplace. Their goal is to be instrumental in the successful launch of their customers' products. .
             Johnson Electric is all about creating customer and shareholder value; growth is the primary mean to achieve those twin goals. Inside the industries they work in, two important long-term trends support their growth.
             1. An increasing number of original equipment manufacturers are moving to improve their financial performance by outsourcing motor production to specialist producers such as Johnson Electric.
             2. China has emerged as the best location for manufacturing components and is rapidly becoming the source of manufactured products for the world's leading companies .
             Founded in 1959 by Mr. and Mrs. Wang Seng Liang, Johnson Electric pioneered local manufacturing of high quality micro-motors in Hong Kong. The rapid expansion of Hong Kong's motorized toy industry during the early 1960's, enabled Johnson Electric to build a strong foundation for future growth.

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