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Marguerite Johnson

             When the reader reads this book I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Mya Angelou they find that Marguerite is a person of many characteristics but the one that stands out the most is that she is a loving/caring person. I say caring and loving because they both are similar if not the same thing. There is one person that Marguerite considers her better half and that is her brother Bailey Johnson Jr. .
             Bailey is a year older than Marguerite. The two of them hold a strong bond with each other, there is nothing one would not do for the other. When reading this book the reader will see why they can form this opinion, Bailey is the one person who has always been in Marguerites life consistantly, between their parents splitting up and having to move to live with their grandmother Bailey has always bee there he at this point is the one person she can relate to. Bailey would rather have some thing bad happen to him instead of some thing bad happening to Marguerite, He knows he would handle himself better in those situations. For instance when the old ladies are talking about Marguerite,"When our elders said unkind things aboutmy features (my family was handsome to a point of pain for me) Bailey would wink at me from across and I knew it was a matter of time before he would take revenge. This lets the reader know that Bailey would rather have bad things happen to him instead of Marguerite. In chapter three Marguerite states that she loves Hershey kisses more than anything in the world except for Bailey. Another time when Marguerite shows loving/caring toward Bailey is when he is going to experience sex for the first time, Marguerite tries to prevent it because she believes it will be painful like her case with Mr. Freeman. Her not knowing the difference believed that she was looking out for Baileys best interest.
             When it came to Uncle Willie at times Marguerite was scared of uncle Willie not because of what he did but what he threaten to do.

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