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Maya Angelou

            Maya Angelou had many contributions to our nation. Her main gift to the nation is all her writing. Maya was the first black cable car conductor and the first movie/show director in Hollywood. She had a very tuff life. She found out what it was like to wear hand me downs from a white lady. .
             Marguerite Johnson was born on April 4th, 1928. She had one brother named Bailey, after her dad. At age four her mom and dad got divorced. Four years later Marguerite got raped by her mom's boyfriend. After being raped she didn't talk for four or five years. In her last year of high school she dropped out. Later that year she graduated. Maya never attended college. During high school with all stress she had from her parents, school, and her job. Maya ended up being pregnant at age sixteen. She moved so many times that the last time she moved to her dad's house, she ran away. Maya found that life with her dad was not any easier. Her childhood and young adulthood was tough, but she survived.
             Maya Angelou had many inspirations. Her life has inspired almost all of her writing. Paul Laurence Dunbar, great black American poet, had a little impact on her writing. She got one of the titles of her stories in book. Some of her interests of hers are writing, singing, and acting. Marguerite got the name Maya from a screenplay. Maya had jobs; these include author, poet, historian, song writer, play writer, dancer, stage and screen producer, director, director, performer, and singer. She had many inspirations. The biggest one of all was her life.
             Maya had countless achievements and contributions. She was the Northern coordinator for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Maya was the first black woman director in Hollywood. She wrote many books that earned awards. One book with an award is I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. In this book Maya writes with a twist of lyrical imagery along with a touch of realism.

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