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             Voltaire's wit and intelligence made him one of France's greatest writers and philosophers. His writings are full of Enlightenment values and principles. L'Ingenu, written in 1767, reflects his views about individual freedom and people making their own way in the world. Voltaire is open to a society that is open to individual talent and merit for deciding social standing, and not a society that determines it by birth. He has reflected these attitudes throughout the story of L'Ingenu.
             Voltaire wrote L'Ingenu during a time when rationality and reason were being introduced into society. Whitty conversation and intelligent thinking began to take place. With this type of conversation one could made a mark in society and develop themselves as an individual. The Enlightenment was a period when people began to "come of the dark."" Medieval times were fast ending and with the help of new philosophers the world was now taking on some modern and alternative views. Ignorance was something they were trying to get rid of and being educated was seen as an important task. Education was now something for everyone, not just the wealthy anymore. They were becoming aware of the world around them and few at a time began to think about it now as not being controlled by God but by natural forces. Perhaps one of the most controversial topics of the time was religion. As people became educated, their views about God began to change. Atheism and the belief that there was no God began and showed the radical new way of thinking.
             Voltaire attacks religion and views it as a negative thing throughout L'Ingenu. The old view of religion was that God was divine and ruled the world. Most thought that God made everything happen and for a reason. During the beginning of the 1700s a new view began partly because of education. People began to believe that god created the world and then left it alone for natural forces and laws to occur.

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