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Voltaire and Candide

            There is a continuous war; every species of the world is at war with one another. The murderous war that man partakes in are dreadful to the human species. The most determined researchers will agree that war does nothing but bring more war to a civilization or religion. Throughout the time of History there are individuals who make their time in history worth knowing more than the average person. The impact that the individual leaves on the world is a great monument for that person, advanced scholars look at inadequate research from individuals like Voltaire on their emphasis in history like his view on war, and view on France. Voltaire, a French philosopher who produced an age of enlightenment for his era of the mid 1700's, His piece titled Candide, brought together full coincidences and disasters. The exaggerated pieces throughout the piece of work the setting of the work of the landscapes helps frame the entire body of frame. His view on war was insightful, and his connection with Louis XLV. .
             The government of Louis XLV of France is an example of royal absolutism. Among those of subjects, which he said were the "veritables richness " (Etable et annotee par Jean Logan. Pg170) of the monarch. As he represents the person of God on earth, the absolute monarch is within his rights in disposing of the lives of his subjects as he pleases without in any way becoming criminal with respect to them, of giving just cause to a rebellion on their part. The lettres persanes of Montesquieu. The letters are of two Persian travellers in France, whose description of French customs is in reality of criticism of political, economic, and social conditions prevailing in France during the last few years of the reign of Louis XLV and during the Regency. .
             Voltaire's thought on war reflect his liberal thought on thinkers, like philosophers who preceded him; Voltaire contributions to the enlightenment age does not depend on his originality or lack of it.

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